Welcome to my Team in Training Fun Pics Page!!

Well, it's all over except the bragging! Carol and I did well the whole day, and what a fabulous day it was. I'll be posting pictures on my jannaclark.net website in the next couple of days. (also, even though it took nearly a week for them to post my official time -- snafu w/the timing chip I guess -- I am proud to say that I shaved 10+ minutes off my time of 2 years ago...)

THANK YOU to everyone for your support and donations! You ALL ROCK!!

In love and hope,


The whole reason I'm doing this triathlon is because 10 years ago September 9th, Carol was told that she has cancer.  It was horrible.  We were devastated.  We didn't know how we could help until we found Team in Training.  Here we are, still training and asking our friends to donate year after year.  We figure that you would want to help, and we are here to show you how.  

BTW, Carol's doing very well (and in fact is in many of the photos I'll post here), but the fact remains that she has leukemia and we need funds for research.

Hope you enjoy my photos, and keep coming back for more!!

Hugs and love,

Sept 7, 2008:  One More WEEK!!!  

Well, we've spent the past two Saturdays swimming in the kelp at Pacific Grove, getting ready for the big day... Race Day next Sunday!!  We've had support out in the water from friends and family in kayaks to give us targets to swim for while we're out in the water, as well as to give us confidence to swim in the ocean and not feel alone.  Thank You to Carol, Vicki, John and Karen!!!  You all ROCK!!

Here are a few photos of the fun we've had the past two weekends.  And I can guarantee we'll have more photos of event day after next weekend!  Wish us good luck!!
Hugs to everyone!
You have to be careful to get the arm in the arm and the leg in the leg when donning a wetsuit!!  (right Michelle??  (-:)michelle w leg armed.JPG (843636 bytes)

Here we are, suited up and ready to go down to the beach!5 ready for the water.JPG (526890 bytes)part of the group ready for the beach.JPG (1234566 bytes)patty ready to swim.JPG (641227 bytes)janna and michelle in parking lot.JPG (662439 bytes)

And down at the beach.

How to give a wedgie...  WooHoo!!how to give a wedgie.JPG (1707494 bytes)

Water photosmartha all smiles in the water.JPG (1218214 bytes)michelle swims.JPG (1250816 bytes)josh and kim at kayak.JPG (1191852 bytes)shark bait passes kayak.JPG (1123502 bytes)dawn making the first round.JPG (1221892 bytes)mermaid carol.JPG (2012000 bytes)waves before the swim.JPG (2154858 bytes)janna and dawn give thumbs up to kelp.JPG (1264509 bytes)

And our FABULOUS kayak volunteers! Vicki & John (my sister & brother-in-law), and Karen (good friend AND Honoree).
  THANK YOU!!kayakers vicki and john.JPG (885264 bytes)kayaker Karen.JPG (1077935 bytes)

Horsing around after the swim... Josh and Beth are voted Kelp King and Kween!!  :-Djosh and beth in their kelp glory.JPG (825163 bytes)josh - the king of kelp.JPG (817821 bytes)
beautiful kelp boa.JPG (1095041 bytes)
slave to the kelp.JPG (1089778 bytes)
ransitioning to the run, and then a group photo. michelle and patty transition out of car.JPG (873819 bytes)group ready for run-walk.JPG (297741 bytes) 
and Kathy was our poster child for first aid! kathy is poster child for first aid.JPG (906917 bytes)

A fun day!  Oh, and a beautiful sunset -->  Lover's point at sunset.JPG (1013741 bytes)janna with kelp sunset.JPG (967009 bytes)

These are some of the special folks we are training for... our Honorees (cancer patients)
Carol and Don at track.jpg (103931 bytes)    cp glides still at 2nd track training.jpg (104766 bytes)  karen helps carol while she cracks up.jpg (161835 bytes) 

August 19, 2008 -->  Special Letter from Cancer Patient

I was sent this very poignant letter from a cancer survivor today... Thought you might like to read it since YOU are a part of the difference that has been made in his life!! I send you MY thanks along with his.

Many hugs and much love,

Roman Seguerre is a blood cancer patient who became part of the LLS family when he was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). He is now one of our Team In Training® (TNT) participants. Here's his note:

LLS Friends and Family,

I'm so grateful to be celebrating 5 YEARS of remission from CML. LLS has been with me from the beginning, from providing desperately needed information during the frantic days of my initial diagnosis, to funding the medicine that keeps me alive, to the ongoing support and camaraderie of TNT.

I want to extend my heartfelt THANKS for your involvement with LLS and TNT, be it donor, participant, staff, coach, volunteer or honoree. You're a part of extending the life of a grateful cancer patient, who is not only surviving, but also thriving. As some of you know, in a few weeks I'll be racing in my first triathlon, an Ironman.

As momentous as my race will be, I'm equally thankful for the day-to-day moments. I've seen my daughter grow from an energetic 2-year old, to a now 7-year old enjoying her hectic summer vacation before entering second grade. I've experienced her unbridled joy of riding without training wheels for the first time, and now she's preparing for her first triathlon, one week after mine. I think I'm more nervous for her race!

Those moments, and countless others, were never guaranteed five years ago. I'm hopeful to experience many more in years to come.

What you do makes a difference in my life. Words can't fully express my thanks, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Stay well and all the best,


August 9, 2008 -->  We had a "Practice Triathlon" at Half Moon Bay

The morning was cold, misty, and foggy as all get-out.  We were bundled up, and not quite so eager to jump into this practice tri.  I brought a temperature gauge, but we weren't able to get it to work until AFTER the swim portion.  That's a good thing, because it was a COLD 53.7 degrees, and I'm not too sure I would have gone in if I had known!!!!  

We started the morning by getting what I am calling our "Tri Tats"...  each person gets their id number written on their hand, both arms and both calves with sharpie marker.

janna gets tri tats.jpg (222173 bytes)

cp gets tri tats.jpg (187105 bytes)

Then, we all put on our wetsuits and marched off to the sea...!!  (makes me think of penguins or lemmings!)
(BTW, getting into those wetsuits is the FOURTH sport in a triathlon!!  Good Grief!!)

group marches to water.jpg (219542 bytes)
I guess we'll follow our Coach anywhere!  Even into 53.7 degree water!!   

lemmings.jpg (180492 bytes)
(you've gotta see this picture!  Lots of Lemmings!!) 

coach with sprinters getting wet.jpg (163619 bytes) 
Coach Tom w/some of the team, getting used to the water.  (well... kind of)

you want me to go in there.jpg (155864 bytes) 
You can read my mind... "This may not be such a great idea..."

waiting at waters edge.jpg (218038 bytes)  
Don't we look eager?  (All huddled together for warmth...)  Where's Waldo??

Sprinters are OFF - attack the water.jpg (234129 bytes)  
Here we GO! 
Carol is wearing a tie-dye cap, and mine is white with black zebra-ish stripes.  

cp making waves.jpg (153785 bytes) 
Look for the tie-dye cap!  Carol is making waves!!!

cp exits water-cropped.jpg (39771 bytes)  
Finished w/swim with a Thumbs Up!  
(I was sooooo fast, they couldn't catch me on film...  
Seriously, guess I was elusive, cuz, there are none of 
me in the water after the start.)

Then it's off to change out of our wetsuits and onto the bike.  Janna leaving transition area to do bike portion.
 jc runs bike out of transition.jpg (206398 bytes)

Carol is right behind her... for a little ways (then she took a wrong turn.  (-:). 
  cp runs bike out of transition.jpg (207222 bytes)

After biking, it is off to our favorite part:  The Walk!!! We KNOW how to do this, and smile at the same time!!

jc excited to begin 3rd leg of tri.jpg (138823 bytes) 
cp begins run.jpg (80857 bytes)
jc finishes run.jpg (109672 bytes)
cp finishes run SMILING.jpg (148719 bytes)


cp finishes!.jpg (102018 bytes)

Janna getting congrats hug from Honoree MaryAnne!

jc hugs maryanne.jpg (97230 bytes)



From our FIRST wetsuit day... we swam then ran/walked...  No wetsuit pic of me, but a big smile after the run/walk.
beth poses in water.jpg (150440 bytes)carol helps martha with wetsuit.jpg (170009 bytes)  janna after 1st open water and run.jpg (103650 bytes)

Several trainings represented in these photos...  we smile and smile, for miles and miles!!
cp walks.jpg (148468 bytes)
janna and patty walk.jpg (181297 bytes)more walk group at first track.jpg (146149 bytes)  Track 24-july-08.jpg (146846 bytes)  CP and patty at 2nd track.jpg (144371 bytes)    janna and patty posing at 2nd track.jpg (101937 bytes)    janna grinning at 2nd track.jpg (85165 bytes)    walkers at 2nd track.jpg (110362 bytes)  janna big laugh at track 24-jul-08.jpg (109386 bytes)

Please, donate to help me find the cure for these cancers,
and to specifically find better treatments for when
Carol will need it. 
We're counting on YOU!

Janna & Carol